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Language Assistant - The Language Technology that uses REAL, QUALITY-CERTIFIED translation - NOT "Computer-Translation"

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Language Assistant (LA)TM Overview.

► Designed specifically for large organisations' "heavy-lifting" multi-language needs (NOT a computer-translation "consumer gadget");

► Remembers (and automates) your entire conversations (does not simply provide words or phrases);

► Uses (and re-uses) human-done, fully-certified, cross-checked translations for 100% accuracy, safety, reliability and legal compliance, with full records of all conversations (for evidential purposes);

► "Translate-Once, Re-Use Multiple Times" model delivers huge cost-savings (50-90% depending on conversation);

Any-Language to Any-Language.

Many organisations spend millions on translation and interpreting. This can make "computer translation" (or "machine translation") look very appealing because of the promise of reduced cost (many are even "free").

However such "computer translation" systems (whilst acceptable for inconsequential consumer use e.g. ordering coffee on holiday), can't satisfy organisational needs for accuracy, consistency, reliability, legal validity / compliance or traceability (in fact courts have now deemed "computer translation" as being "unreliable translation" that can deliver translations so inaccurate as to be dangerous - see our latest research paper here for further details).

In collaboration with academia, CommSOFT has developed a language technology (Language AssistantTM) which is specifically designed to address the more stringent needs of organisations whilst still delivering the cost-saving and other benefits of technology solutions. It is designed with organisational use (not consumer use) in mind, and can automate a large proportion of your organisation's multi-language needs far less expensively than using translators/interpreters directly for every interaction - but in a way that can fully be trusted.

  • Language AssistantTM does NOT use "computer translation" - it uses translations done by fully-qualified human translators and this can include specialist translator qualifications (e.g. for use by police forces or for medical or legal use);

  • Language AssistantTM can be tailored to the exact requirements of your organisation and its specific needs - you are always in full control of exactly how Language AssistantTM delivers against you requirements.

                                                                                                                                                                              CommSOFT is part of SETsquared at the University of Surrey

Language Assistant (LA)TM

Communicate in ANY Language  |  Automate Communication Processes 
Deliver Multi-Lingual (inc. "Self-Service") with


What is Language AssistantTM (LATM)?

Language AssistantTM (LATM) is a new type of language product - called "Conversation Automation" - which combines the best of human translation and interpreting (accuracy, quality, standards, legal compliance) with the best of hi-tech delivery (much less expensive, much faster & easier) without any compromise on quality.

LATM works in any languages that you need, using either a desk-top PC, mobile phone, tablet or kiosk (for self-service) or by phone, without using unreliable 'computer translation'.

Your conversations/processes can be as simple or complex as required (and can include audio, sign languages and video content if required, as well as text).

LATM automatically identifies an individual’s language and delivers your conversation/processes to them in their own language, reporting and logging all of your communications and their responses at every step, in English.

(LATM uses certified, quality-assured, standards-compliant human translations - it does not use 'computer translations' which are notoriously unreliable, uncertified and inaccurate).

· Operators/Agents interact entirely in English (or whichever is your local language)

Customers/Clients interact entirely in their own language

· 50%-90% less expensive than using interpreters

· 2x-4x faster than using interpreters


- via the LA
TM mobile App
(your content replaces the content shown)


Examples of where
LATM can eliminate interpreter costs and improve process delivery include:

For Police:                  · Police-Station Front-Desk    · Custody Suite Management    · Vehicle Impound/Release.

For Local
· Enquiries    · Form/Application Completion (e.g. for benefits)    · Queue-Management/Triage

For Government
Agencies & NHS:
· Border Control    · Jobcentre Plus (DWP)    · Hospitals and NHS Trusts (clinical and administrative)


Because LA is designed to operate multi-lingually with any of your processes, these are just a few examples.

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