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Language Assistant - The Language Technology that uses REAL, QUALITY-CERTIFIED translation - NOT "Computer-Translation"

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LA Benefits

Language Assistant (LA)   

          Communicate in ANY Language  |  Automate Communication Processes  |  Deliver Self-Service

There are five key benefits from using Language Assistant:

  1. Cost | LA Reduces or removes the need for (and cost of) interpreters | “Translate-once-use-repeatedly” model - don’t
    ‘translate’ (interpret) every time | Conversations consume less staff time - typically c.50%+ time-reduction

  2. Efficiency | LA is always immediately available - for faster responses | No calling/waiting for interpreters | Staff see
    customers’ responses immediately, in English | You control your processes and can modify them easily

  3. Better Process | Standardised | Captures best-practice | Personalised | Aligned to your requirements

  4. Ease of Use | LA can be configured to prioritise key processes to make its use straightforward | This also minimises both deployment and ongoing front-line training needs

  5. Audit Trail |  LA automatically records conversations (information given and responses received) plus users' ad-hoc notes, for future reference


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