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Language Assistant - The Language Technology that uses REAL, QUALITY-CERTIFIED translation - NOT "Computer-Translation"

April, 2017
July, 2018
November, 2019

Language Technologies, Regulation and the Law.

Neil Coulson
, CommSOFT's CEO talks to Information Age magazine about technology, regulation and the law - and 'consumer gadget' translations Apps being used where they shouldn't be, here: www.information-age.com/technology-regulation-law-123484813/

Technology moves rapidly. The law, legislation and regulation are usually slow to catch up. Could your organisation fall foul of this? Technology, regulation and the law: don’t be caught out. An example image

Technology, regulation and the law

Near-perfect examples of this phenomenon are “language technologies” — those free “computer translation” apps that sometimes appear on your mobile phone. You could easily get the impression that translation and interpreting are “yesterday’s problem, because technology has sorted that, right?” Your company’s lawyers might not agree, especially if your organisation is regulated or in the public-sector (or both; and private companies can have an implied duty-of-care, too).

Read more here: www.information-age.com/technology-regulation-law-123484813/

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