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Language Assistant - The Language Technology that uses REAL, QUALITY-CERTIFIED translation - NOT "Computer-Translation"

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LA for Police

           "Imagine a system that can automatically book a detainee into custody - handling

all of the required PACE, Welfare and Rights & Entitlements statements and questions
- or guide them through being breathalysed, a DNA or blood-test or any other
common custody processes AND do all of this

...that's what LA does - 70% cheaper and 2-3 times faster.

For a video demonstration of Language Assistant please click here

Language Assistant
can be used for any police communication process between a force and its clients:

    · With members of the public - for general enquiries (e.g. "front-desk" scenarios)

    · With suspects and detainees - in custody suites, police stations or embedded police facilities

    · In Mobile Scenarios - at events, in mobile police stations and in cars

For example, see how Language Assistant can be used in Police Custody by following the link below:

Language Assistant for Police Custody (pdf)    (click to view pdf in a new window, right-click to download)

                                            To contact us for more information please follow the 'contact us' link above.

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