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Mistranslations from Computer-Translation Tools: Negative Outcomes

This page is about the reporting and collection of negative outcomes arising from the inappropriate
use of widely-available computer-translation tools (especially those that are "free").

(It is similar in nature to drug "adverse-reaction reporting" used globally by both health-care providers
and pharmaceutical companies - but for computer-translations rather than drugs.)

The intention is to collect (for research purposes) real-world examples of cases where
computer-translation has led to negative outcomes for individuals and/or organisations because a computer-translation was  inaccurate,  not easily understood, inappropriate or legally non-compliant
(or for any other reasons).

If you have a computer-translation negative outcome that you would like to report you can do this
below - you will be re-directed to a survey that will collect your mistranslation information (you can also choose whether or not to leave personal/contact details as part of the survey and whether to recieve updates on any research or publications arising from this research).


To report a computer-translation negative outcome please click the link below.

(This will allow you to download our mistranslation-reporting form (a .pdf file).

Please complete this form, SAVE IT WITH A NEW NAME and then email it
to: info@com-sof.com with the Subject: "MTF").

Click HERE.

Thank you.

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