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Language Assistant - The Language Technology that uses REAL, QUALITY-CERTIFIED translation - NOT "Computer-Translation"

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Language Assistant (LA) 

          Communicate in ANY Language  |  Automate Communication Processes  |  Deliver Self-Service                                                          

 The graphics below show screen images of Language Assistant in action.

This image shows LA configured for use in a police custody facility in desk-based or front-counter (PC) mode. 

The next image shows LA configured for mobile use such as in a police custody cell or in a mobile police unit or car. LA is helping with identification:

 The next image shows the LA Android App configured for use on a mobile phone:


LA Mobile on a Samsung Mobile Phone

Processes, phrases and questions can be configured so that your most common communication tasks are
prioritised toward the top of LA's menu lists.

For more complex communication scenarios, LA can be customised to include any processes, phrases or
questions that your organisation may need.

                                      To contact us for more information please follow the 'contact us' link above.



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